Clinical Trial Supply

What is Clinical Trial Sourcing?

Clinical trial sourcing refers to the process of procuring pharmaceutical products, including investigational drugs, reference listed drugs, and comparator drugs, for use in clinical trials. These products are essential for conducting clinical research, testing the safety and efficacy of new medications, and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

What is Reference Listed Drug / Comparator Sourcing?

Importing medicines from Europe presents a range of challenges: 
Clinical Trial Supply What is Reference Listed Drug

Reference Listed Drug (RLD)

An RLD is an approved branded drug product used as a reference point for the development and testing of generic and biosimilar medications. Sourcing RLDs is critical for bioequivalence studies and regulatory submissions. 

Comparator Sourcing

Comparators are drugs used as controls in clinical trials to assess the relative effectiveness and safety of an investigational drug. Sourcing suitable comparators is vital to ensure the validity of trial results.

Challenges to Clinical Trial Sourcing / Reference Listed Drug / Comparator Sourcing

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Strict regulatory standards must be met when sourcing these products, ensuring quality, safety, and labelling standards.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Maintaining a secure and efficient supply chain for clinical trial products can be complex, especially for global trials. 

Availability and Lead Times

Availability and Lead Times

Sourcing specific reference listed drugs or comparators can be challenging due to limited availability or long lead times. 


Why Choose Symbio Farma as Your Sourcing Partner?

Symbio Farma, operating as Medzexchange, is the ideal partner for your clinical trial and comparator sourcing needs. Here’s why you should consider us: 

With years of experience in pharmaceutical sourcing and importation, we possess the expertise to navigate regulatory complexities seamlessly.

Global Network

We have a vast network of suppliers and partners, ensuring a reliable supply of EU-manufactured medicines.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality and compliance, guaranteeing that every product we source meets international standards.

How is Medzexchange Helping Clients in Sourcing for Clinical Trial / Reference Listed Drug Introduction to Medzexchange?

Medzexchange is a trusted name in pharmaceutical sourcing. We specialize in facilitating the sourcing of clinical trial supplies, reference listed drugs, and comparators, streamlining the process for our clients.

Benefits to Buyers / Customers

Diverse Product Portfolio:
Gain access to a comprehensive range of clinical trial supplies, reference listed drugs, and comparators.

Cost Efficiency:
Benefit from competitive pricing and efficient procurement processes.

Regulatory Compliance:
Rest assured that all products meet stringent quality and regulatory requirements.

Our commitment is to support your clinical trial and pharmaceutical sourcing needs, ensuring you have the necessary products to advance your research and development efforts.